Tried To Attack Indonesian Forces,Two OPM Separatists Died

Tried To Attack Indonesian Forces,Two OPM Separatists Died

PK,.Jayapura, 4 November 2018,.Two separatists men was shot death by Indonesian security forces yesterday (3/11/2018) in  Lanny Jaya, Papua. It was happened when 50 of OPM separatists men attacked Indonesian security forces team whose tried to evacuate the death body of civilian who killed by the separatists.
According to Cenderawasih Military Command spokesman, Col Aidi, the day before (2/11/2018), the separatist group has killed a civilian who work as a taxibike and just left the body in its place. “I think, they use the death body to trap us”, said Aidi.

The insident started when a team of Indonesian forces, lead by local Police chief, tried to evacuate the death body of the taxibike Yanwar at Saturday morning. While the team approached the location, suddenly they got sporadic shooting from the hill near the location by the separatist group which lead by Purom Wenda.

The Indonesian forces quickly responded the shot and sent a small unit lead by an army officer to whirl the hill and hit the separatists from its behind.

After about 30 minutes of fire contact, Indonesian forces succed to hit back the separatists and pushed them to runaway. During the sweeping the firecontact area, two death body of separatists was found. More, the forces found 2 weapons and hundred of ammos.

“This separatist group which has bases in remote jungle arround Papua’s center mountain area,  has long record doing crimes in Papua. In last few months  they’ve killed three civilians, injured a young boy with chooping knife, killed a taxibike in Ilaga, shot civilian flight in and killed 2 army soldiers in Mulia”, added Aidi.

Moreover, Aidi said that Indonesian security forces that consist of Indonesian Police and TNI will continue to chase the OPM separatist group.”The TNI will always commit to back up the Indonesian police to do law enforcement against the the separatist movement in Papua”, Aidi said. (pendam/dax)